Buying a bicycle is easy?

No, not really, buying a bicycle is a precise process. Apparently there are few differences between bikes when you - as most of them - look at the components that have been assembled, but the opposite is true. A bicycle is judged too much on the parts and far too little on the frame and the bicycle posture. The frame is the heart of the bike and that has to be done in one word, whether you buy a new or a second hand bike.

You get 6 months warranty on all new bikes. Also on our carrier bikes.

Secondhand bikes

We always have a large stock of more than 100 second-hand bicycles in all shapes and sizes. All these bikes are inspected for sale and possibly refurbished so that you are assured of a perfect bicycle. When you purchase a second-hand bicycle, you will receive a RDW certificate. A test drive is always possible on our bikes. All bikes have had a big turn. On all second-hand bikes above €100 we give a 3 months warranty. On bicycles under €100 comes 1 month warranty.

Trade In

Of course you can exchange your 'old' bikes when selling a new or used bicycle.


Smartbike Amsterdam is full of bicycle accessories and bicycle parts. We supply products from all very well-known brands with a very high quality. We therefore never have to disappoint you. Our advisors are happy to assist you in determining your choice. If you can not assemble your accessory or part on your bike yourself, our mechanics are at your disposal in the workshop.